Online Training 

Fear is a portal into conscious growth

Change Your Relationship with Fear Online Training

What you'll explore:
Deep noticing enables you to learn from your stress so you can find liberation - rather than being caught in the exhausting struggle of trying to manage the same old stress, day-after-day, year-after-year. 


We will shift our perspectives in a way that allows us to approach stress, fear, and personal challenge as teachers, guiding us into inner alignment, brave expression, and purpose-filled living. 

Here's what to expect:

The training will include a brief lecture on the subconscious mind and the psychology of fear,  experiential exercises to glean liberating cues from mind-body-consciousness, and a map for transmuting stress into brave self-honoring.


How to inquire and apply: 

Email with the subject "Change Your Relationship with Fear." 

Include a 2-5 sentence statement explaining why this training interests you.

Amanda Blain will contact you within 3 days to help determine if this training will beneficial to your unique personal growth journey.



Reserve your spot by paying the registration fee of $55 via to


Once registration is complete you will be emailed a private link to the training videos. You will also have unlimited access to the Google Classroom, which is a virtual classroom housing supplemental materials to help you change your relationship with fear. Materials will include podcasts, guided meditations, self-awareness exercises, medicinal movement routines for stress reduction, and more.