Self-Study Who are you when stripped of fear?

Self-study combines yogic psychology, energetics, and ancient self-mastership practices to strip away fear, uncovering the freedom and potential of our authentic state. 


Those who commit to the self-study journey illuminate, and then eliminate, unconscious and subconscious dispositions based in fear.


Self-study practitioners discover unprecedented opportunities to live in their fullest expressions.


Self-study offers  short videos, podcasts, and live discussions which are easily digestible for even the busiest people. 


Self-Study offers:

Self-Study Session

Harness the conscious growth potential hiding in your mind, body, emotions, and energy field. Classes are delivered throughout the month, in short segments, 12 minutes or less - making self-study possible for the busiest people. 


Live online discussions and raw podcasts offer support and understanding as you journey through self-study.  Discussions are facilitated by Amanda, and her longtime mentor, Thotme, who has over 30 years of experience as a consciousness teacher and therapist.

Medicinal Movement

Primal Movement and Primal Rehab offer preventative medicine against stress in mind, emotions, and body. This movement methodology offers neurological remapping of brain and body and can be used to rehab from pain and/or injury.  

Real-World Application

Awareness Exercises enable you to integrate session material into your everyday life, immediately expanding your self-awareness and gradually shifting the way you experience the world.  

Self-Study helps you dissolve fear and stress patterns with monthly topics like these:

Mastering Stress

Stress is a critical setback to the mind, body, and spirit. Self-Study can reveal the information contained within your stress, using stress as a portal into emotional freedom, energetic balance, and expanded consciousness. 

Subconscious Life Strategy

All humans use a life strategy to seek validation and to avert fears. At the subconscious level, these strategies filter and skew information, limiting our perceptions and choices. Consciously exploring the life strategy empowers practitioners to overcome fears, uncover new potentials, and break stagnating patterns.

Perception by Choice

By default, we perceive through the perceptions formed during our formative years, when the subconscious mind was being programmed. From that time, we subconsciously recreate narratives and stories which keep us trapped in old ways of feeling and being in the world. Self-study helps us perceive by choice rather than by default, offering clarity and freedom from stress and unwanted emotional patterns.

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