Primal Vinyasa

Is your movement intelligent?

What is Primal Vinyasa­™?


Created and founded by Annie Adamson, Primal Vinyasa™  is  a system of movement which is informed by the natural human design and which encourages a return to the original and dynamic functionality of your brain and body.


Primal Vinyasa™ refines your ability to notice the conditions of your mind, body, emotions, and consciousness, catapulting you into a realm of new possibilities and liberation from longstanding stress patterns and inner stagnation.


Because Primal Vinyasa™ is informed by the natural human design, every movement offers nourishment that can actually be felt and experienced within your cells and psyche. Never shame, no force, no objectification. 


Primal Vinyasa™ is a practice of personal inquiry and dynamic skill building which helps you revive latent sensations and abilities within your daily movement. It trains you to feel steady, alert, and able moment-by-moment, movement-by-movement.

Primal Vinyasa Live & Online Workshop

Date: February 16, 2020


Primal Vinyasa™ is a system of movement...which respects the natural human design and explores the neural pathways you instinctively used as babies and children to develop your brains and bodies for diverse function including: coordination, strength, survival, play, migration, mental vitality, emotional balance, and self-regulation.

In the modern world, most people take the same postures, shapes, and motions during their daily lives and even in their fitness routines. A life of repetitive, routine, and habitual movement results in the abandonment of the vital neural activity needed to maintain the competence of our human design. The result can feel like stiffness, pain, or "aging."

Most folks are no longer living as their primal selves - nomads, traversing diverse land while maneuvering your bodies to pick wild food, free from electronic distractions with your senses fully attuned to your inner sensations and your natural environment. While there is nothing wrong with living life as a modern human, the fact is most people are no longer using the full functions of their bodies and brains - and what we do not use, we gradually lose.

Natural human movement is necessary to adequately move your blood and oxygen throughout your brain and body. Dynamic movement informed by your primal design is necessary for the health of your cells to keep your body robust and vital - even as you age.

Healthy movement is a diversity of movement, and that's what you will get in this Primal Vinyasa™ workshop. You need not be a fitness enthusiast to benefit from this workshop. This is not an exercise class. It is an experience that will show you how to enrich your day-to-day routines with more intelligent movement. We will move in this workshop, but NOT in a way that seeks to "conquer" the body. Rather, in a way which honors how our bodies and brains were designed to walk the earth with a sense of purpose and higher connection.

This practice creates benefits for mind, body, and spirit.

This workshop will specifically assist you with the following:

1. Assist practitioners to release the neural patterns holding stress patterns in place in brain and body.

2. Remind the brain and body how to move in the most efficient, integrated, and coordinated ways.

3. Learn core mechanics, with emphasis on your diaphragm, how it connects into your fascia, and how this connection directly affects how you feel throughout your entire body. (Often hip and back pain are related to a lack of knowledge of how you are utilizing your diaphragm).

4. Breath mechanics which assist in regulating the nervous system and which respect the natural movement of the diaphragm and the natural function of breath. (Often times using Ujjayi breath in yoga can cause mild hyperventilation. In this workshop, we practice functional, uninhibited breathing rather than a style of breath. We return to a remembrance of our natural design and the transformative power of primal breathing).

5. Joint Mapping - gaining more awareness and exploring the full range of motions of all the major joints of the body including the Atlanto-Occipital Joint in the neck and skull (designed for moving the head), Shoulders, Spine, Hips, and Pelvis.

Students who have taken this workshop have come away feeling more alive in their brains, more alert and connected within their bodies, more resourced on how to self-regulate in times of stress, and more trusting of themselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In this class, we do not focus on poses, nor stretching, nor taking shapes. This is all fundamental and natural human movement.

This workshop will be held as a live video call with me. I am keeping the class to a small size so we can zoom-in on the details and so you'll get more out of it.

Time (by location)

United States

Central Time: 12 – 2 pm
Mountain Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Eastern Time: 1 – 3 pm
Pacific Time: 10 am – 12 pm

Greece & Israel & South Africa
20:00 - 22:00 (8pm-10pm)

Cost: $55 early bird price until February 5; $65 after February 5

Registration: Reserve your spot by paying the registration fee on (choose the option to "send money to friends and family") to:

Primal Vinyasa ™️ was designed by my teacher, Annie Adamson who has over 20 years of experience in the movement world including holistic yoga therapy and injury rehab.

This workshop is led by Amanda Blain, who holds a 200-hour certification in traditional yoga (Tantric Hatha & Vinyasa) an additional 200-hour certification in Primal Vinyasa™️, and an additional 2,000 hours in holistic healing and wellness, yogic psychology, yoga therapy, meditation, and energetics.